HOME OF KEREL , VBDCK | A brewery. A beer. A unique stay. All Belgian.


Stay in the original VBDCK brewery and family residence in the heartland of beer. The newly renovated brewery and its guest rooms are located in the rural space between Belgium’s most thriving cities: Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent, which makes it the perfect home base for a Belgian (beer) trip. 

The VBDCK family residence is being transformed into a place where friends of KEREL can come over, stay (themselves) and let go of everything else.

We have 7 Guest Rooms and 1 Guest Suite.

Each room is completely unique, individually designed and inspired by a particular kind of KEREL.

Hang out with the brewers, try out the finest Belgian cuisine, float in beer hops, treat your flesh to a trip to our infrared sauna, take a stroll through the countrysideor just stare at the very pretty ceiling. Whatever makes you feel more at home at our own home.

Bookable? Soon, accepting bookings for summer 2018

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