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1. General
These general conditions apply to the issued passport (hereinafter to be referred to as “Passport”) and its use. These conditions apply to all holders of Passport without any exception. Passport is offered to you by Verbeeck-Back-De Cock Brewery bvba (VBDCK Brewery), with its registered office in Tielrode and enterprise number BE0647517956, hereinafter to be referred to as “Company”. The holder of Passport, hereinafter to be referred to as ‘Customer’, has taken note of these general conditions when completing the registration form on the website ( or at the registered office of Company. Customer expresses his/her agreement with these conditions by using Passport.

When a reference is made to “Passport” the following can be meant: the physical document in the form of a pass, but perhaps also a digital passport in the form of a page on the website or in a digital application or any other electronic/digital application.

2. Applications
Each natural person, domiciled within Belgian territory, who is older than 18 years can apply for a Passport through the secretariat of our registered office of Company or through the website ( The application is assessed by Company and can be refused without stating any reason. At most 1 card can be requested per person. The once-only cost price of EUR 35 must be paid at once, after which Passport can be used by Customer immediately, that is to say, when the payment has been received.

3. Advantages
Passport offers its holder the possibility to obtain a 35 % discount on the purchase of drinks in the shop or on the webshop of Company up to a maximum of 300 bottles a month. Exceptions to this must always be approved by Company in writing.

In addition to the above other special offers can also be made during certain periods, whereby Customer will receive further information through the website or other channels.

4. Use
Passport must always be shown after a simple request by Company, together with the identity card. An inspection mechanism will also be built in for orders through the website/webshop of Company. Passport can only be used for private purposes and not for professional purposes.

In case of loss and/or damage of Passport that makes a correct functioning impossible, Customer can apply for a new Passport. After inspecting all details, the lost Passport is blocked and the new passport will be issued. Company is not liable for the use of Passport after it has been lost when Customer has not reported this loss on time and in writing.

5. Property
Passport will remain the property of Company. Passport is strictly personal and not transferrable. Customer is not allowed to lend Passport to others. Company can revoke Passport without stating any reasons. If Customer does not wish to use Passport anymore, he/she must hand in his/her Passport. In case of unauthorised use Company reserves the right to block or reclaim Passport.

6. Change and termination
Company reserves the right to change and/or revoke the advantages connected to Passport. Furthermore, Company reserves the right to terminate these general conditions/advantages of Passport in their entirety. Such a change or termination will be announced at the registered office of Company and on the website.

If irregularities are committed by Customer, including but not restricted to shoplifting, aggressive behaviour, inappropriate behaviour /remarks towards employees and other visitors, Company reserves the right to withdraw Passport. All rights related to this will terminate at once without restitution of the cost price of Passport. This decision can solely be taken by Company and it is not possible to correspond about this.

7. Privacy and personal data
The data entered by Customer on the application form and/or any other forms and also the purchases of Customer are included in the data file and will be treated confidentially in accordance with the applicable rules regarding Privacy. Company can use these data for informing Customer about extra advantages/special offers and for analysis and evaluation possibilities. Customer will receive personal information, offers and news reports based on the purchases made at Company. These reports can be sent in digital or physical form. Customer is entitled to inform us to not include his/her data in the data file or to have them deleted later.

Personal data are never provided to third parties by Company, unless Company is obliged to this by law. Changes in the data of Customer must be reported through the website or at the secretariat of the registered office of Company.

General reports from the Passport programme are always sent to all Customers. Other reports can be switched off through an opt-out. Customer explicitly agrees with this.

8. Liability
Company does not accept any liability for the loss or theft of Passport, nor for the unauthorised use of and/or any fraudulent acts with Passport. With the exception of cases of wilful conduct or gross negligence, Company will not be liable for loss as a result of or related to not being able to use Passport, or not being able to use it on time and/or incompletely or under certain conditions, for whatever reason. Moreover, Company is not liable for any loss resulting from the use of and trust in the information about the advantages of Passport.

9. Final provision
Company reserves the right to introduce changes in these general conditions. The applicable general conditions are available at Company and can also be found on the website. Customer agrees with the changes in these general conditions by continuing to make use of Passport.

If any provision from these general conditions is found to be void, invalid, unenforceable or unlawful, the other provisions of the general conditions will continue to apply in full force.

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