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T&C Referral Programme

To participate in the Kerel referral programme, Kerel web shop users need to agree with these terms and conditions that are part of the General Terms and Conditions. This possibility is offered to you by Verbeeck-Back-De Cock Brewery bvba (hereinafter referred to as: the “Company” or “Kerel”), established in Tielrode with enterprise number BE 0647517956.

These general terms and conditions are applicable to the Kerel referral programme.

Through the Kerel referral programme, registered Kerel web shop users can earn credit that can be used as a discount on Kerel beer and gifts. Both these Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions of the Company or Kerel are therefore applicable to each and every agreement that is concluded within the framework of the Kerel referral programme, unless stipulated otherwise in writing. Terms that are not defined here have the same meaning as ascribed in the General Terms and Conditions.

1. How can you earn credit with the Kerel web shop

Kerel web shop users can earn credit if a friend of a web shop user clicks on his referral link in order to thus purchase a valid Kerel passport and the purchase and payment were completed.

After that, the Kerel web shop user receives a code to be used in the web shop www.vbdck.be.

2. Level of the credit

The referring Kerel web shop user can use a maximum of one discount code (= € 35 including VAT) per occasion. You can refer a maximum of 20 friends and therefore receive a maximum of 20 codes.

3. Using the credit

a. The credit is allocated on the basis of a discount code that is received by email.
b. The credit must be used for a purchase on www.vbdck.be within one year from the date of issue. Hence, after one year the credit shall expire.
c. Credit cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.
d. It is not allowed to create multiple vbdck web shop accounts

4. Sharing the referral link

a. The Kerel referral programme can only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes.
b. Referral links can only be shared with the personal relations of a Kerel web shop user, which relations may appreciate receiving this invitation.
c. Referral links cannot be published or distributed without reasonable basis of believing that most of the recipients shall be personal friends.

5. Invalidity

If a provision of these terms and conditions is invalid or nullifiable then this kind of provision (or a part thereof that renders it invalid or nullifiable) shall be deleted. This does not affect the validity and the enforceability of the other provisions of these terms and conditions. The invalid or nullified part is replaced by a provision that best approaches the content of the invalid provision.

6. Termination and change

a. Kerel can discontinue the Kerel referral programme, or the possibility of a Kerel web shop user to participate in the referral programme, at any time, for any reason whatsoever. If Kerel decides to (partly) discontinue the Kerel web shop referral programme, then this shall be announced at least one calendar month in advance on the www.vbdck.be website or be communicated to the relevant Kerel web shop user.
b. Kerel reserves the right to suspend accounts or to remove credit in case of a suspicion of potential abuse.
c. Kerel reserves the right to examine the activities of Kerel web shop users and referred friends regarding the referral programme. In case of (a reasonable suspicion of) improper use or abuse, Kerel reserves the right to block, suspend or change accounts.

7. Privacy and personal data

The data entered by existing users, referrers and their referred friends are included in the database and shall be handled confidentially in accordance with the applicable Privacy rules. Kerel can use their data for information about additional benefits / promotions and for analysis and evaluation possibilities. When creating an account, they shall be requested to give express consent to this. The Customer shall receive personal information, offers and newsletters based on the effectuated purchases with Kerel. These communications can be sent digitally or physically. The Customer is entitled to request that his data are not included in the database or request later that they are deleted through a relevant unsubscription option via the email address nomonks@vbdck.be.

Personal data are never made available to third parties by Kerel, unless the Company is statutorily held to do so. Changes in the data of the Customer must be reported via the website, by email (nomonks@vbdck.be) or at the secretariat of the corporate seat of the Company.

8. Liability

Kerel does not accept any liability for damages resulting from or connected with, for any reason whatsoever, late and/or incomplete or conditional use of this programme.

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