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Tours at VBDCK Brewery

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1. General
These terms and conditions apply to all participants to a tour.
2. Reservations
2.1. Tours are available for groups starting from 5 people to a maximum of 12 people. If you have fewer than 5 people in your group, you can always join an existing group or reserve and wait until there are enough people to start a tour. If this is not the case, we will, at least 72 hours before your visit, suggest another time or, in the worst case scenario, another date. Children under 16 are not included in the total number of people in the group.
2.2. Tours are available in Dutch, French and English. You can select your preferred language at the time of reservation.
2.3. Reservations can be taken for any day on You can consult an overview of possible dates and times in our online calendar.
2.4. Reservations should be made at least one week before the desired date. If your desired date is at shorter notice than this, please call us.
2.5. If you are with a large group (+12 people), please contact us on
2.6. Wheelchair-friendly tours are available. Please specify at the time of reservation on
2.7. Once you have reserved, you will receive an email with an order confirmation and a payment confirmation. Bring this email (either printed out or on an electronic device) with you as your ticket.
2.8. If you wish to receive an invoice, please specify this at the time of reservation. Please also note the correct invoice details and method of payment. If you have not informed us that you would like an invoice at the time of reservation, you will not be able to request an invoice at a later date. Invoices are only sent electronically.
3. Price
3.1. The price for a tour is € 15 per person (16+). This includes three samples combined with a snack.
3.2. The tour is free-of-charge for children under 16.
3.3. Payment must be made at the time of reservation. You will receive a payment confirmation by e-mail.
3.4. Reservations should be paid for at least one week before your visit. If not, your reservation will be shown as void and you will receive an automated cancellation email.
4. Changes
If you would like to make any changes to a reservation, please contact us on
5. Cancellations
5.1. You may cancel up to 72 hours before your visit.
5.2. Please be aware that your booking can only be cancelled with a refund up to 72 hours before the date of your planned visit. In such a case, the amounts already paid are fully refunded. It is only possible to cancel by contacting the manager of brewery visits direct by sending an email to with the subject heading ‘CANCELLATION OF VISIT + reservation number’.
5.3. If you cancel your visit after 72 hours before the visit date booked, the amounts paid will no longer be refunded. Amounts paid by people who do not turn up for the visit will also not be refunded. For safety reasons, the samples of those who did not turn up are not served to the other members of the group.
6. Practical details
6.1. You must arrive 15 minutes before the start of the visit.
6.2. People who are visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs or other hallucinogenic or similar substances shall not be permitted entrance under any circumstances whatsoever. That also applies to people who refuse to follow the visitor rules. As this is a safety issue, we reserve the right to make unilateral decisions on this subject with no right to appeal.
6.3. For safety reasons, during tours the group must stick together and follow the guidelines given by the guides. We do not take responsibility for any potential accidents during the tour or in the car park.
6.4. There is parking on the site itself or on the square opposite the brewery.
6.5. Your children are of course welcome in our brewery, although buggies may not enter the production rooms.
6.6. For hygiene reasons, we ask you not to bring pets. Pets will not be allowed entry under any circumstances.
6.7. The tour and tasting take 90 minutes.
6.8. The programme remains at our discretion and certain parts of the building may be closed off and access denied thereto for unforeseen circumstances.
6.9. We inform you that for your safety and ours, there are security cameras in our company, which comply with privacy and surveillance camera laws.
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