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°1867 +1966 °2015
When the original family brewery closed down in 1966, all of the original beers were lost. None of it was saved.
Or so people thought. 

Deep down in one of the basements,
covered by a pile of rubble, a single bottle of the original KEREL beer had been preserved. The glass was unbroken. The bottle cap was firmly in place. Luck? Destiny? No one wasted time on these philosophical questions. What they needed now, was the miracle of science. With the greatest of care, the bottle was whisked off and offered to a team of Belgian experts and university scholars to analyze and extract the original KEREL yeast DNA. It’s the very same yeast that is used today to brew every new delicious batch of KEREL beer.

Think about how special that is.

Not only is every bottle of KEREL you’re holding today rooted in a tradition that goes back several centuries. This is a beer that has survived against all odds. It was left behind, abandoned to become part of the past. It was never meant to survive. But it did. Somehow, it came back stronger than ever, bringing its full flavours and strengths into a new age. 

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