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°1867 +1966 °2015
The Verbeeck - Back brewery has been around since the end of the 19th century, when it became one of the most beloved independent breweries in the northern region of Belgium.
The brewery was, is and remains a family affair: no monks or big corporations in sight. The secrets of its successes were passed on from father to son until they became fathers themselves... and so on. However, the sons of the sixties-generation had other plans. In 1966, the brewery dozed off for a short nap.

°1867 +1966 °2015
In 2015, a new generation has risen and so has the brewery. The Verbeeck-Back family bloodline was reinforced by the De Cock family. Together, they have formed the formidable, reassuringly Belgian-sounding name Verbeeck – Back – De Cock. VBDCK. This new crop of VBDCK heirs to the family tradition of Belgian quality and craft has literally been digging up history by its roots. They are ripping through the nostalgic silence with KEREL, the beer that says it all, and the transformation of the original brewery and family residence into a new place to stay.

It’s time for a real resurrection. 

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